Quality Policy

When customers across the globe look for superior quality printing, our name comes to the top.

At Paras, we know how to balance the trinity of impeccable quality, low cost and timely delivery.
Our plant is ISO-9001: 2008 and GMP certified and our internal processes are structured to guarantee you utmost quality at affordable prices.

Quality Tenets

Our quality policy is supported by our dual tenets: Firstly, continuous infrastructure up gradation and deployment of the most cutting edge quality processes enable us continually deliver high quality products. Secondly, with our continuous training modules and strong emphasis on human capital development, all our associates take pride in ensuring the flow of only optimum quality products through every step of the production process.

Quality (QA/ QC) Steps

Quality is everyone’s responsibility at Paras. Stringent controls are in place at every step of the production cycle and the entire product and process value chain is monitored using a comprehensive Total Quality Management system. For your complete satisfaction, for critical intermediary steps, we can send advance unfinished samples for review and will continuously update you on the status of your project. We maintain strict in-line and end-of process quality steps.

At project completion, a thorough Quality Report detailing all aspects of the project is made. A final inspection is conducted whereby finished products are removed at random from a range of packed cartons and scrutinized for any defects. Even minor problems, if any, will be revealed in accordance with fair practice and professional ethics.

Export Dispatches




Photos of the secure, packed cartons ready to exit the factory can be sent to you by email for your assurance so that you feel assured that the job has been fully completed and properly secured for shipping.

Printed, finished and packed product samples can be sent via DHL/FedEx for your final inspection before shipping.




Packaging Boxes

Printed Corrugated Boxes




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