About Paras Offset

About Paras Offset

About Paras Offset


Established in 1967 with a single press in a small print-shop in Old Delhi with a passion for perfection and a singular vision to deliver exceptional print products, the company has had exponential growth since its inception. Being closely held by the founding family has ensured that despite the changing times and the hurly burly of the evolving print landscape, the founding values of the company are still intact. We are still as committed to our customers and as eager to help our clients grow, as we were on the first day Paras opened its doors.

Always a front-runner in adopting market-leading technologies, the company has leapfrogged its competition by continually re-inventing itself with the rapidly changing demands of our clients.

Why Us?

Beyond Printing: We are not just a printing company. We aim to offer the most comprehensive print management service available. At Paras, our service goes much beyond just completing the job as per customer requirements. We believe in furthering our client relationship to a partnership model wherein we work with the client to suggest improvements to make their job more cost-effective and for them to generate even more value out of their print production. This has obvious benefits for small or young companies with limited time and resources as it gives them the skilled manpower without adding to their overhead and allows them to access technical expertise that generally only large companies can enjoy.

Integrated Platform: Your biggest advantage lies in our integrated platform, which is not only among the industry’s most advanced and flexible, but also allows you to use your data to its fullest potential to deliver print that can generate higher response at a lower cost.

Our Heritage: For over 40 years, the most demanding global customers have entrusted us with their most critical print projects. We promise to bring the same commitment and enthusiasm to your projects that have led to our continued success to date.

Our People: Our people are our ultimate differentiator. We hire the best and provide them with opportunities and tools to deliver complete customer satisfaction. Our over 250 associates have one common aim, helping you achieve your every print-production goal. Learning is a big part of our commitment to our employees. Regular seminars and training courses are organized to keep our team abreast with latest innovations to continually deliver exceptional value to you.

Prompt and Reliable Service: Our customer service representatives are available 24×7 for your convenience. We believe that prompt communication is vital for total customer satisfaction and are committed to quickly respond to all your queries and provide you with detailed progress reports on your project’s status. Furthermore, today’s business environment calls for reliable delivery for every job. From estimating to project planning to delivery, it is of prime importance for us to adhere to your budget, deadlines and expectations.

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